Bram Van Riet

Title: "Let the Spills Begin"
Client: Bounty

From a young age it was clear to Bram that his future lay in filmmaking. As a child he developed a fascination with the cartoons of Walt Disney and Tex Avery but it was through the magic of Chaplin’s The Gold Rush that the potential of live action was revealed to him.

The arrival of a Sony Betamax recorder in his home in the late 70’s allowed Bram to further nurture his interest in film. He began to record music videos and discovered Italian cinema, the films of Fellini, De Sica and Visconti in particular leaving a strong impression.

At the age of twelve he immersed himself in American films of the 70’s, soaking up the grit of The French Connection, Taxi Driver and The Conversation he came to recognize the decade as a landmark era for film and still believes that it is one of the most creative periods in cinema ever. As a teenager he walked around film sets, assisting directors and observing first hand the inner workings of production.

These experiences became particularly useful when in 1990 he enrolled in the Saint-Lucas Brussels Institute of the Arts program for Film Studies and Direction. Here he began making 16mm short films and experimental videos, trying his hand in all areas of production and spending whatever free time he had at the Brussels Cinematheque. By the end of the 90’s Bram was directing commercials internationally, creating award winning work for Caviar, the Santa Monica based top ranked production company with whom he’s had a long standing and creative relationship.

His award winning images and kinetic camerawork have led to a demand for his talents around the world on campaigns for VW, Nissan and P&G.